Customer Service vs Customer Experience


When speaking with people about Customer Experience it is often necessary to try and distinguish customer experience from customer service – many people seem to think it is the same thing.  I recently came across the table below while reading an article which contained the table below;


This offers a good starting point for understanding the holistic nature of experiences as a move away from the transactional nature of service.  I also like their example for setting the scene for the difference between service and experience;





Consider this: The plain donut is what we can call “customer service”; its one key factor in the entire “customer experience” – and its role is to provide support. “Customer experience” contains all the extras – like sugar glaze, sprinkles, and jam – that make you feel something about the donut, like “Wow! That donut looks delicious. I’ll try that.” Customer experience is about how it’s made, who made it, how it was delivered, the packaging it came in, how quickly you received it, and so on and so forth.

That’s the difference: There’s no doubt that the plain, underlying donut (customer service) plays a huge role in the overall perception of the donut (or company), it’s a must-have attribute, but the customer experience (the journey to and around customer service) is what really makes it satisfying Customer Think


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