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In my blog I explore ideas and examples relating to the concept of customer experiences to help develop a greater understanding of the process and practices required to deliver a Customer Experiences (CX).  Conceptually customer experience is becoming more widely accepted and understood, however there still appears to be less appreciation of the subtlety and complexity which sits behind the idea of designing an experience from scratch.  With this in mind, my blog looks to further discussions around the concept of customer experience by providing examples, commentary on experience theory and exploring commercial applications of customer experiences.

 Customer Experience in action

A great way to understand the concept of customer experience is to see it in action, this allows for many of the subtleties and complexities of an experience to be uncovered and appreciated. Customer experiences can be seen in a wide range of industries and is becoming more of a focus for many organisations.  The Customer Experience in action blog will take a look at organisations which offer experiences to their guests and investigate the different elements which combine to create the customer experience.

 Outbound Mobility Experiences

Increasingly students are being given the opportunity to participate in short term overseas mobility experiences. With the increasing activity involving student mobility experiences there is a need develop more dedicated resources to support those responsible for developing and implementing such an important part of curriculum. The Outbound Mobility Experience blog will provide commentary on what resources may assist in maximising students participation and experience in relation to outbound mobility experiences.  This blog will be informed by my work co-leading the ‘Enhancing Programmes to Integrate Tertiary Outbound Mobility Experiences’ (EPITOME) research project which will investigate the following areas;

  • Pre-departure – understanding participating students motivations, perceptions and expectation, and also identifying barriers to non participants
  • Transformations – gaining an understanding of the impact over time of outbound mobility experiences
  • Resources – Developing a set of best practice resources for the development of future outbound mobility experiences

My interest in outbound mobility experiences has come from having first participated in a student tour in 2010.  Since then I have designed and implemented an annual two week outbound mobility experience for more than 50 students and have attracted in excess of $100,000 in government funding for this program.  To see what the students get up to on the Outbound Mobility Experience to Vietnam check outSame, same but different tour blog

Sporting Experiences

As game day attendances continue to compete against increasingly innovative television broadcasts, the number of fans attending games often becomes a regular point of discussion for and, the media and game administrators.  In the Sporting Experiences blog I will look at some of the ways in which sport organisations around the world are continuing to try and lure fans to game days.

I hope that you enjoy reading my blog as much as I look forward to sharing thoughts, examples and applications of the Customer Experiences wherever they may be.