Wet bar experience – Ho Chi Minh City


I have worked in bars in Sydney for over 20 years and seen the industry grow and new ways of doing things come and go and the rise of the experience economy and the sense of theatre.

Well in Vietnam the traditional wet bar does things a little bit differently from what we do in Sydney Australia.

Need ice, no worries

So you may wonder at how they hand cut ice, but have you thought about how they move the ice around?  For your next bar renovation I invite you to consider where you will put your ice crane.


Jugs of beer are also available straight from the tap with complementary nuts.



To show the beers are cold the bottles are put up against your arm before they are opened.

While some may consider this to be outdated, I wonder how many people would go to a bar in Sydney to see ice hand carved for their drinks.  I wouldn’t mind betting it would be quiet a few and they would be prepared to pay extra for the experience as well.

Wet bar in Ho Chi Minh City gets and experience economy tick for me

2 thoughts

  1. Reblogged this on Happy Buddha and commented:
    Tim provides a good summary of why we have both found this bar to be a fantastic experience. I am not sure however he has quite captured the amazing vibe of the place, the mold on the walls, the street vendors wo move through the bar selling snack foods ( think quail eggs) or the fantastic service – yes they remember your order from day to day. Authentic yes, hospitable yes, and experience defiantly. But now Tim has told the world I just hope it does change 😉


  2. Well Tim you have let the ‘cat out of the bag’ now. If MY favourite wet bar is overrun by hipsters drinking their draught craft beers in their little plastic bottles all chilled by their hand cut ice I will be furious 😡😡😡


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