Drtimmyhall working with Dr Ly Qui Trung to deliver unit with highest satisfaction rating for Autumn 2018


Tertiary education is constantly evolving and it is important to continue to innovate and look for ways in which to engage students in a digital era.  In embracing new modes of teaching it has been a pleasure to work with Dr Ly Qui Trung, founder of Pho24 noodle franchise and hospitality entrepreneur to develop a new first year hospitality unit for  students at Western Sydney University.

The unit titled ‘The Business of Hospitality’ is an introductory unit which overviews some of the practicalities of entering hospitality business and introduces conversation around sourcing produce, determining the cost of food, designing servicescapes and creating customer experiences.

Not only has Dr Trung assisted to develop the content of this unit, he has also featured in a series of videos with myself to provide students with further insight the hospitality industry.

In my first teaching of this unit in Autumn 2018 The Business of Hospitality achieved the highest student satisfaction rating of all units taught within the School of Business at Western Sydney University.  A huge thank you to Dr Trung for his input into this unit


One thought

  1. Congratulations Tim. – how fantastic to be able to bring the authentic experience of a truely successful hospitality entrepreneur and ex WSU student to your current students.


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