Vietnamese Basketball

One of the activities we undertake on the study tour is to attend a sporing match with the idea of allowing Sport students to compare the game day experience with that of sporting events in Australia.  It is interesting when you start to look at the different elements of the game day and compare it to what you get in Australia.

There was outside prematch entertainment for fans to participate in, win prizes and some definite stadium dressing with lots of Saigon Heat signage.

There was a merchandise store

IMG_4095 2

Inside there was pre game entertainment including music and an over the top announcer who constantly encouraged the crowd to chant “Saigon Heat” or “Defence”.

Seating was divided into different categories – Premium B for us right behind the Saigon Heat bench.

There  was the Saigon Heat cheer squad with drums and flags


During the breaks in play there was advertising, entertainment and giveaways related to sponsors.

There was a scoreboard.

IMG_4110 2

There was an over animated coach pacing the sideline who liked to let the umpire know how they should be doing their job.

The game was televised


There was a post game interview with the MVP

IMG_4123 2

There was a marquee player from America, Taviaron Nix – “go Nix”

IMG_4125 2

You even got to go on the court afterwards

IMG_4124 2

Really the only thing missing was a big screen which interestingly enough actually made you watch more of the game.

It is interesting to consider that all of the elements of a sporting experience in Australia were there and makes you think about whether of not we need to spend millions on sporting facilities.

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