The home of stuff


I am constantly amazed by the sheer volume and variety of items which can be purchased in the popular Ben Tien market in Ho Chi Minh City, a popular place for tourists to visit.  This market was the last stop of our city tour and with some concern I allowed the students to remain there and make their own way back to the hotel.

My concern came from a misunderstanding when we were getting off the bus.  The last thing I said to them was “When you go to the markets what is my rule?”.  I asked this question with the anticipation of being repeated my motto of “your buy it, you carry it“.  But the first response to my question was “shop till you drop”……

While the students shopped myself and Happy Buddha Sheringham went on adventure to Bin Thay Market in Chinatown which I can only describe as the home of stuff.  From my understanding this is the supply store to the Ben Tien market.

But it is not only the sheer volume of stuff that strikes you here, it is the mix of people working, eating in their stalls , sleeping in their stores and then going into the centre of the complex to pray.


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