Temple of Literature – a refection


As part of our city tour of Hanoi we visit the Temple of Literature which was Vietnam’s oldest university opening in 1070 for those who studied under the Confucius.  As par of the visit we hear how many thousands of scholars came from all over Vietnam to study in this very location.  Every three years they would take an examination and if successful they would be honoured with their names engraved on a stone stele which sits upon large stone turtles. Many students would walk the full length of Vietnam to attend the temple to study.


One of the actives we ask the students to do apart of the outbound mobility experience is to reflect on their experience in relation to events, themes and activities of their time in Vietnam.  What better place for the students to contemplate their own journey then the Temple of Literature.  Below are come photos of the students taking time to reflect on their experiences.

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