The Fourth Village – a shopping experience


The Fourth Village experience in Mosman Australia offers a shopping experience which is inspired by the visage markets of years gone by through a themed store offering a range of produce.

In the creation of an experience it is often about offering your products and services in such a way as to engage your guests (often by bringing the back of house out to the front) and below are some photos which give some inspiration to the delivery of a customer experience.

In order keep produce fresh businesses often utilise coolrooms which are regularly out back of house, but why not embrace the cool room and allow customers inside.  At the fourth village many of the vegetable offerings are displayed in a cool room which is not only accessible by customers, but it also includes a large glass panel to allow people to see inside.


For many supermarkets you are able go in and buy products straight of the shelves, however there is something about having you white wine vinegar poured straight from its barrel or olive oil straight from a vat – involving the customer in the theatre of preparing their own personal bottle which was poured just for them.


And nothing says freshness as much as seeing food prepared in front of you.  It also provides an insight which many people may not normally see and definitely brings an element of theatre to the guest.  The photo below shows a staff member making pasta within the shop.


In places such as this there is a great variety of goods and several different offerings within the one location which creates multiple reasons for people to come in and the inclusion of people helps to create a buzz which adds to the experience.  There was also good linkage between areas which include a providore and cheese room and as you were drawn through the venue you arrive at a restaurant – a great example of places within a place

So how much of an experience was my visit to the Fourth Village – well I ask you this, when was the last time you did your food shipping and felt compelled to take out your camera as I have?


2 thoughts

  1. You should also have a look at the Thomas Dux chain of stores – they have a similar concept – I think food shopping lends itself to this type experience, it has good appeal to all the senses.


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