An American Diner themed event

One of the key components of providing a customer experience is working to a theme and then reinforcing that theme through a range of cues which stimulate the five senses. I recently attended an event in which the theme was 1970’s American Diner and the attention to detail to give you the feeling you were in an American Diner was particularly well done and was a great demonstration of providing a theme based experience.

In the pre-reception area, guest were able to relax in red booth seating which is typical of the era.

Service was provided by waitresses dressed in red and white period outfits and they provided drink and food service whilst on roller skates.  A service model again reflecting the American diner theme.  Interestingly for a large function of over 500 people there were only three waitresses on roller skates and the rest of the waiters wore a plain black uniform.  Because the waitresses on roller skates were so viable and able to move around the room so well the memory is of the roller skate waitresses.

The table setting also showed great attention to detail with the placemat being black plastic plates with a circular menu presented on the plate to replicate an LP record.  This was accompanied by flowers et in cardboard classic cars.  Both the menu and table settings proved popular memorabilia amongst guests

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