Your never know where a mobility experience will take you

Often students undertake an outbound mobility experience with broad objectives such as experiencing a new culture and seeing their industry in an international setting.  For most these broad objectives are meet just by being in a foreign country.  To facilitate the experience I arrange for the students to meet with industry experts and often do so over a lunch or dinner.  One of the things I have noticed over many years is that the industry experts often finish their presentation by telling the students that “if you need anything or want to know more, please let me know”.

In 2017 I took the group to KOTO in Hanoi, Vietnam and we were lucky enough to Huong And, KOTO International Partnership and Engagement Manager who addressed the students and then joined them for dinner.  One of the students Sarah exchanged details with Huong and at after the outbound mobility continued their conversation.  This conversation continued and lead to Sarah undertaking an 8 week internship as a grant writer with KOTO working with Huong.

As a result of her Internship success I asked Sarah to join me on a panel to present to students on the benefits of undertaking a mobility experience.  Through the presentation Sarah talked about the process of how the outbound mobility experience and how that lead to the KOTO Internship.

After this student presentation Sarah was offered the opportunity to attend The Global Summit of Women Youth Forum.  Attendance at this forum resulted in another opportunity for Sarah which she relayed via email;

“Alison Green was one of the panel speakers and is the CEO and Founder of Pantera Press. Her ideas and insight really caught my attention and I decided to put these concepts into practice and emailed Pantera Press about the possibility of an internship. I am humbled to say that I was offered an 8-week internship, starting this Thursday the 17th ”.

An amazing sequence of opportunity all of which began by undertaking an outbound mobility program

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