The Theatre of food – Chocolate Orange Mousse

Have a look at the following clip of chef Shannon Bennett on the Masterchef Australia program.  Notice his reference to aroma (engaging the senses) and seeing the theatre of the dessert.  Listen to those who are watching – what emotions have been elicited simply from watching (not yet tasting) the dessert?  Also note that the effect is not immediate, and even though only taking a short period still manages to building suspense and surprise.

Certainly ticks a number of the experience economy boxes and is another great example of how the the theatre of food can add to a dining experience.

One thought

  1. The dessert is amazing – the theatrical concept of this type of dish has a long history – the four & twenty blackbirds baked in a pie of nursery rhythm fame is one example. Dining is arguably the first area of the experience economy.

    The link below is to a restaurant in Shanghai called Ultraviolet- it takes the meal experience to a new level


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