University of Economics cultural exchange in Ho Chi Minh City

In Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam I have accompanied 20 business students to Vietnam where they have meet and worked with students from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City (UEH). The first day at UEH students from both universities take time to get to know each other and present to each other about their universities, countries and cultures.

Once the students have had time to become familiar with each other they are separated into groups to work on five micro projects which must include a research question and methodology, this years projects are as follows;

  1. What sporting facilities are available to the public in Ho Chi Minh City – focusing on accessibility, cost, variety and size.
  2. What are the commercial sport offerings in Ho Chi Minh City – where would you go to watch sport played?  Is this accessible to the public and who would attend matches?  Is there a variety of sports?
  3. Hospitality and tourism play an important role in the economy of HCMC – explore the positives and negatives of hospitality and tourism on the city.
  4. What are the different marketing communication strategies used to communicate to locals and tourists?
  5. Compare and contrast aspects of locally based businesses with international businesses in HCMC – focusing on coffee outlets.

Once the topics are finalised the students join for lunch and then the student from UEH host Western Sydney student by taking them into HCMC to collect their data.


Once the students have collected their data they meet at a coffee shop as a large group to debrief the afternoon over coffee.  The students are then given a couple of days to collate the information into a presentation which they then present their findings with their new friends from UEH.


A big thank you to Mr Anh Pham Tuan from the university of Economics who organised the activities and students to make this project possible.

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