The breakfast meeting with the Australian Consulate General in Vietnam


The way in which people connect continues to change, and while social media has an important place in these connections, it is often good to be able to sit down with somebody face-to-face.  This morning the students were ask to be ready at 6:45am for a breakfast meeting with the Australian Consulate General, Karen Lanyon and Economic and Trade officer Tran Hoang Hieu Thao.

It was great to hear Karen talk to the students about Vietnam and the importance of the New Columbo funding which had facilitated these students in participating in this study tour. After a short briefing from Karen she then join the students and for over an hour and a half to talk to them about their experience in Vietnam and what it is like to work in South East Asia. It was also interesting for the students to hear about how many of the people we have already met on the tour are connected through the expatriates network in Vietnam which involves the Consulate. Karen was also able to give them some insights into the recent APEC summit which was held in Danang Vietnam a few weeks ago.  Overall a wonderful breakfast for all


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