Pho 24 – the story of a true innovator


Pho24 is  large noodle chain in Vietnam and the scenes for the first dinner for the study tour experience.

Pho24 is  great way to give students a taste of Vietnam (sorry about he really bad pun) and the chance to try Vietnam’s national dish.  With varying levels of chopstick proficiency demonstrated, the students were also told of the other reason why we take them to Pho24.


Pho24 was founded by alumni student Dr Ly Qui Trung who not only set up an national and international franchise, but was the first to do so at a time when franchising did not exist in Vietnam.  Aspects such as the open kitchen, use of a logo, same colour scheme, display of fresh ingredients and location of stores were some of the keys to the success of the Pho24 franchise are some of the aspects of Pho24 discussed with students.

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