Temple of Literature reflections


One of my favourite parts of the outbound mobility experience to Vietnam is when I take the students to the temple of literature.  The temple is a Confucius temple which has a history dating back to the 1400s in which students would travel from all parts of Vietnam to undertake studies as a Doctor of Philosophy.  Across almost 300 years of operation only around 1,000 students graduated.

For this part of the tour we ask the students to consider this story and parallel it with their own journey as part of study tour and consider their physical journey in getting to Vietnam and also their academic journey.  With this the students are asked to find a place in the temple by themselves and spend 45 minutes writing thoughts towards their final reflective assessment.  Despite being in the middle of busy , the temple provides a quiet environment for the students to undertake their own personal reflection – a pretty cool place to work on an assessment.

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