Sen Tay Ho Farewell dinner


As part of the end of the outbound mobility experience in Vietnam I take the students to the Sen Tay Ho for their last official field visit which also doubles as a farewell dinner.  We did this a bit different this year by heading to the restaurant prior to service (previously we have gone for our inspection first thing in the morning).

This really is an amazing restaurant with four service areas, eight teams of more than 100 chefs serving more than 200 dishes to more than 2000 guests every night – that equates to almost one tonne of seafood per night.  A purpose-built building, which from a food and service perspective operates amazingly efficiently and as pointed out to the students this needed to be considered from the very beginning before a sod of soils was turned or a brick layer – this is the part of experiences which people struggle to come to terms with.

The students were able to speak with one of the managers – an interesting experience for them as it was the first manager they have met in which their questions and the answered were translated by the guide and in some cases required students to reconsider what they had asked and how they asked the question.

We also give the students a challenge to try a food they have never had before and this year some of the different foods tried included ox tail, crocodile, pigeon, fermented pork and of course the annual tradition roasted silk worms.

So what does the group look like after tackling the Sen Tay Ho international buffet of over 200 dishes?  Well let’s just say the following photo needed to be done as a panorama….



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