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Kickovation Event Information Sheet 2016-06 b[1]

As businesses look to the creation of new and innovative busienss ideas and solutions some are looking to facilitiate ‘ideation sessions’.  I recently participated in an innovative sport based ideation session atthe Cronuula Leagues Club as part of a session aimed at bringing together Western Sydney university, Cronulla Sharks and Lakeba.


The morning session involved being put through some skills sessions to learn the basisc of League Touch with warm ups asking participants to think about innovation and collaboration.  The groups were divided into three teams with two teams engaged in a game of League Touch whilst the thired team participated in an innovation circle in which you were thrown the football to indicate your turn to provide an idea.  Each team rotated through the innovation circle and ideas were recorded.


At the end of this session the group returned to the club to work through the ideas created in the morning session with ideas pitched, discussed , modified, combined and discussed until a handful of possible workable ideaswere selected for further development.IMG_2843


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