The experience of buying ice cream


A while ago Happy Buddha posted a video of a man selling ice cream in a Turkish marketplace.  After watching the video a few times I keep coming back to just how good of an example of the experience economy it is.

Yes there is an element of entertainment and showmanship but what I think is worth thinking about further is what has been required to create this experience.

Props – think about the precise placement of the cones, serviette, ice cream, spoons etc.  All need to be in exactly the right place so they can be instantly grabbed when needed

Training – much of this act would need to be practiced over and over again to perfect the routine

Persona – think about the persona that the man has adopted and how he maintains a lack of expression whilst making his customer laugh

Customisation – ice cream stores have offered a variety of ice cream flavours in customising their product.  Think about the experience that has been created for this customer and whether he feels like this has been done just for him.

Surprise and Delight – key elements of an experience well demonstrated here.

Overall many lessons of delivering a customer experience are exhibited here…

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