Vietnam 2016 – some frequently asked questions

As people become aware of the international study tour to Vietnam there inevitably comes a whole range of questions which come to mind and in this post I have tried to answer some of those questions.


So, here goes:

When: The tour will depart Sunday 2oth November 2016 and returning Monday 4th December 2015

Cost: I am awaiting on the travel agent to confirm the cost but anticipate the cost to a student receiving the subsidy will be approximately $1,900.  This is payable in instalments with final payment due by 20th October.

OS-Help: If you are concerned about the cost of the trip you may be eligible for an OS-Help loan.  Essentially how it works is you put the cost of the tour onto your HECS, for more information check out the OS HELP link

Subsidy: There is the opportunity to apply for a subsidy of $3,000 towards the study tour. This is a competitive subsidy which you will need to apply for and some applications have already been received.

Subsidy application: Applications have been extended until Wednesday 21st June 2016 and all you need to do is create a short video stating why you want to go to Vietnam as part of the study tour and send it to myself at

Limited places: At this point we are limited in the tour to 20 people with 10 places held for Hospitality and 10 for Sport. If required a wait list will be utilised

Free time: the tour includes plenty of free time for your own exploring, shopping etc and includes a rest day in Hoi An.

Staff: The tour is accompanied by UWS staff

What is included: Airfares (international and domestic), accommodation (including 5 star), all breakfast, 6 lunches, 6 dinners (including fine dining), all organised activities including an overnight stay on a boat in Halong Bay.

Eligibility: To be able to undertake the trip you need to be undertaking one of the Applied project units in Spring 2016 (you do not have to be a hospitality or sport major to participate in the tour).

What other activities do I have to do?: You will be required to attend three seminars throughout Spring semester to learn more about the requirements of the tour and also to meet your fellow travellers.  Our first seminar will be on Thursday 14th July 2016 at Parramatta campus

Room Arrangements: All prices will be quoted based on a twin share arrangement. A single supplement may be available upon request and at an additional cost

Hopefully this gives you some more information about the tour and I will be using the blog to provide further updates. If there are any other questions (I am sure there will be) please post as a comment or e-mail me directly at


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