Mass customisation – a Crown question

FullSizeRenderIn attempting to meet the needs of customers we often discuss the idea of mass customisation and allowing a product or service to be customised to the individuals need.  This allows customers to take a great role in the co-creation of the experience, albeit guided by the design of the product or service.  iPhones are a great example where the base product remains the sam but customers are able to customise through apps, covers, etc.

In visiting Crown Casino in Melbourne Australia, the gambling experience poses an interesting twist on mass customisation.  When looking at the overall service of gaming and gambling facilities it could be argued that the volume of gaming offerings  (poker machines through to gaming tables) represents a mass customisation of the gaming experience as customers are able to select their preferred mode of gaming and as such their choice represents the co-creation of the experience.

Customers are unable to come in and change the service that is offered (the rules of the game are not going to change), so the question becomes;

does the offering of a cluster of services in the one location represent mass customisation?

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