Immersing in the football experience


In terms of engaging fans in an experience it is hard to go past “kick to kick” which is a feature of AFL games across Australia.  Kick to kick sees fans being allowed to enter the playing surface at the conclusion of the game to kick around their own footy around with family and friends while emulating the exploits of their favourite player or just having a casual kick of the footy for a bit of fun.

During the fourth quarter of the game a cheer goes up around the ground as kick to kick is announced and then at the conclusion of play hundreds of kids line the fence waiting to enter the field, many of who have held onto their footy for much of the game.  But once on the field it is noticeable that it is not just the kids joining in but men and women of all ages.  At a recent GWS GIANTS game kick to kick was in full swing

Another component of the fan experience is allowing fans to see behind the scenes of the


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