3 Brooms Town in Somewhereland

On a recent trip to Ho Chi Minh City it all began with a name and address scrawled on a piece of paper….

IMG_0835 copy

After a short trip in a taxi we arrived …..

IMG_0985 copy

…. welcome to the Three Brooms Cafe of Somewhereland.

This cafe is based on a Harry Potter theme and has an amazing attention to detail in supporting this theme.   The use of period themed statues, furniture, artworks and menus throughout the venue allows guests to immerse in the experience and undertake a journey through the cafe.

IMG_0972 copyIMG_0934 copy

IMG_0975 copy        IMG_0894 copy

Through the venue they have embraced the notion of space within a space by incorporating a number of private rooms which can be booked to provide a feeling of exclusivity.

IMG_0924 copy       IMG_0915 copy

The have also made it interesting in getting between the various spaces by creating interesting walkways.

IMG_0850 copy    IMG_0911 copy

Different groups are also catered for within the cafe with a kids craft area where you can draw and paint plaster figures of your favourite media evil characters.  A clever way in which to add to the experience which allows parents to relax, while the children are occupied – I am sure there would be plenty of kids convincing parents to return.

IMG_0870 copy


While the overall venue is a great example of theming and servicescape there are some great examples of how they have used the services cape to incorporate model facilities.  See the photos below which show a  wall panel which opens into a restroom

IMG_0965 copy  IMG_0966 copy

To see more of the Three Brooms Cafe have a look my video below

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