2015 Vietnam study tour – welcome


Thanks for visiting the blog to find out more about the 2015 Vietnam study tour for Hospitality Management and Sport Management students. My name is Tim Hall (aka DrTimmyHall) and will be organising the study tour to ensure students (and staff)  have a fun, exciting, educational and rewarding trip.   The idea of the blog in the first instance is to provide you with updates and information about the study tour. Once on the study tour it will be a way for fellow students, family and friends to keep in contact with the group.


So, where is the tour up to at the moment?

Well, I have been in touch with many of our contacts in Vietnam to arrange activities for the study tour and I have also being liaising with the travel agent to start to reserve airfares, rooms, etc.  As a result I am hoping to have an initial quote and a draft itinerary by Friday this week (once I have the itinerary I will post it here as well).  One thing I can tell you is we are looking at a departure date of Saturday 21st November 2015.

So what type of activities have I been organising??  Well let me give you a tease, there is a behind the scenes tour of a five star hotel, possibility to play AFL in Vietnam (there is an organised competition you know) and a challenge to eat something you have never tried before (what ever you are thinking may well be on the menu).  When you see the itinerary we do cover a lot of activities but there is still plenty of time for your own sight seeing and exploring on most afternoons and we have incorporated a rest day in Hoi An for you to recharge the batteries (which is code for shopping).  But remember, I have one rule for the study tour – “you buy it, you carry it”

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For those interested in what the group on the study tour were up to last year check out other posts in this blog and see what the Happy Buddha thought as well at the Happy Buddha blog

 Stay tuned for more updates soon

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