UWS students meet students from UEH


Today we had the pleasure of visiting the University of Economic Ho Chi Minh City or as it is also known – UEH.

We were welcomed by the Dean of the International School of Business at UEH Quan Tran and students from UEH provided a presentation and overview of life at UEH.


Students form UWS then gave students from UEH the chance to learn a bit more about Australia, Sydney and UWS.  As well as the formal presentations UEH students were given an impromptu lesson in Australian slang and did their best at ‘G’day mate’.

IMG_0800 IMG_0789

With introductions and presentations completed the students settled into the task of completing a short term research project in which the UEH students escorted UWS students into Ho Chi Minh City.  students seperated into four groups to look at;

  • The coffee offerings in Vietnam
  • Comparing five star hotels between Vietnam and Australia
  • Sporting culture in Vietnam
  • Allocation of physical space  to sport in Vietnam cities

IMG_0805 IMG_0802

A quick bite for lunch and then out into the city to gather some data

IMG_0830 IMG_0826

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