Meet the designers


It is not often that you have the pleasure of dining in a stunning restaurant and also have the privilege of  meeting the creators of the venue.  This is exactly what happen when we visited the Ru Nam bistro and meet with Mr Khanh (architect) and Mrs Trinh (designer) of this restaurant.


The students were given an insight into the inspiration for the design of the Ru Nam bistro an also how different Ru Nam offerings will target different markets.

Th bistro is an eclectic collection of items and spaces which has a sense of fun and exploration while maintaining an interesting mix of modern, Vietnamese and industrial feels to the venue.  There are many layers of subtly to the design and layout which were also explored.

IMG_1038  IMG_1047

An interesting component of this restaurant is the fact that they have link with a local artist who’s work can be seen throughout the venue.


Another interesting element to this amazing restaurant is the importance of coffee.  There has been a great effort to perfect Vietnamese coffee with on very simple aim, “to have our coffee sold in every Vietnamese restaurant in the world”

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