$2,000 subsidy update – one week to go

I hope you are going well with your subsidy submissions – just think how much more shopping you will be able to do with a $2,000 subsidy.  But please remember my rule ‘you buy it, you carry it’ and yes Buddha statues can be heavy



Just to clarify a couple of things in relation to the subsidy application;

  • Send you submission to Tim Hall at t.j.hall@uws.edu.au
  • It can be in any format you like (to date we have written, video submissions and a telegami)
  • Be creative
  • It will only be viewed by myself and the Director of UWS International (it will not be made public)

I have enjoyed the submissions to date and look forward to receiving more applications over the coming week

Have fun putting the submissions together

If you have any questions regarding what is required please contact Tim via 0414 017 369 or t.j.hall@uws.edu.au

 Don’t forget submissions are due midnight Monday 9th June 2014







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