KOTO – an inspiration


As part of the study tour we will be visiting KOTO restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City.  KOTO stands for ‘know one, teach one’ and is a vocational training organisation for street and disadvantaged youth in Vietnam.  KOTO accepts youth whose backgrounds are primarily orphans, street kids and the poor in both the city and rural communities and is free of charge for trainees to attend.

Recently I had the privilege of meeting Huong Dang from KOTO at the Parramatta campus. Huong is a graduate of class nine at KOTO Hanoi and is now studying in Melbourne and was visiting Sydney to present at a conference to speak about KOTO.  In 2013 she was also awarded as the Victorian International student of the year (http://www.koto.com.au/events-projects/koto-international/352-huong-dang-thi-wins-international-student-of-the-year-victoria-higher-education-award?highlight=YTozOntpOjA7czo1OiJodW9uZyI7aToxO3M6NDoiZGFuZyI7aToyO3M6MTA6Imh1b25nIGRhbmciO30= ).  Huong is an inspiration and living proof of the great work that has been achieved by Jimmy Pham AM and KOTO.

This week KOTO will graduate classes 20 and 21  taking their total graduate numbers to more than 600 students

To see more about KOTO visit their website; http://www.koto.com.au



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