International cultural exchange


One of the activities that students participate in as part of the Vietnam mobility experience is to spend time with students from the university of Economics Ho Chi Minh City. The main activity is for Western Sydney students to proposed topics which will allow them to have a greater understanding of their industry in an international context. Some of the topics chosen this year included;

  • A comparison of service between Western and Vietnamese cultures
  • The role of coffee in Vietnamese Society

Students are required to work with their UEH counterparts to design a research question and methodology to investigate their area of interest. The UEH students then take Western Sydney students into Ho Chi Minh City to undertake the micro research project.

While it is important for the students to see their industry in an international context it is also a wonderful opportunity for the two student groups to share and compare aspects of their lives and begin to make international friends.

As part of the presentation of the findings some UEH students put together a video which captures the time the two groups of student spent together, see the Western Sydney and UEH student video.

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