Customer experience at theBelle Maison Hadana Hotel and Spa


In recent years in Hoi An we have stayed at a hotel called the Glory Hotel. This year the hotel has changed it’s name after a change in ownership and is now know as the Cus

Since our last visit the hotel has undertaken some major renovations and discussions with the Guest relations Manager Harry provided some interesting insight into the way hotel owners think. By my own admission the Glory Hotel was tired and needed a freshen up, but for a hotel owner the question becomes what do you want to achieve from the change and how will you go about making those physical changes.

I have stayed in hotels which have been undertaking renovation works and despite letters on arrival apologising for my inconvenience and the best efforts of staff it is difficult to escape the fact that there are renovations occurring – be it through noise or access issues.

To answer the questions for the Belle Maison Hadana Hotel and Spa, the aim was to achieve a four star rating and what I find more interesting is the decision to close the entire hotel for a period of seven months to do the renovation. Yes it means forgoing income, but it also means trades need to come back on fewer occasions and do not have to worry about noise and cleanliness for guests and it also means no guests are being upset by the renovations.

So, was the renovation successful, see below and you can judge…

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