A day out in Hoi An


One of my favourite activities of the tour is to cycle through Hoi An and see the small villages and countryside (including swerving past the odd buffalo).  In the details we collect from students prior to the tour we ask about their bike riding ability and the measure for a confident cyclist is “able to swerve around a water buffalo” – the student now know we were not joking.

This year we included an Eco Tour as part of the bike ride and this saw the students learning about local fishing methods including being able to pull local fishing nets and throw a cast net.


We were also taken out on coricals (round basket boats) through the palm plantations to experience a traditional method of travelling on water.  Having the option to paddle it is amazing how direct the paddling is for changing direction and provides a lot of respect for those you see easily navigating through the water.


We also visited a working farm for lunch which provided good e and bad news for the students.  The bad news was the rain set in and we were unable to participate in some of the traditional farm activities, the good news is the activity was substituted with foot massages for all.


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