Supporting the Vietnam Swans


The Vietnam Swans is Vietnam’s very own AFL team and as well as providing an important role in the expatriate community, they also give back to the local community through fundraising activities which support an orphanage and also Swim Vietnam.

It was interesting to hear Phil Johns (Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam and former Vietnam Swans president) and Billy Crang (Vietnam Swans captain) talking about their charity work – particularly when talking about Swim Vietnam.  In Australia there may be a perception of learning to swim classes teaching children how to learn the familiar strokes of freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke.  For Swim Vietnam one of the focuses is simply on survival.

Yes, the ability to swim and stay afloat in the water forms part of the program, but also included is what to do when a friend falls in the water and you cannot swim well yourself.  Lessons such as getting a piece of bamboo to try and reach your friend, but also to lay belly down on the side of the river when doing this so you do not fall in or throwing empty water bottles to give them something to hold onto until help arrives.

I am very pleased to say that with the help of the GWS GIANTS AFL team in Australia I have tonight been able to donate a 2015 signed GWS jersey which will be auctioned at the ANZAC charity fundraiser next year with the proceeds to go towards further assisting the charity efforts ofthe Vietnam Swans.  A big thank you to the GWS GIANTS for donating the jersey which was donated.


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