Lights, camera, action for take 371


Over the next few years more academic teaching content will have an online component and focus and with this brings with it a new skill set for the academic.  As part of my role this year I have found myself standing in front of green screens, preparing scripts for video sessions and even dabbling in editing with Adobe Premier Pro.

As part of the redevelopment of our hospitality degree we are introducing a new introductory unit which is aimed to inspire students to see hospitality as a rewarding career with unlimited possibilities, including overseas opportunities.  It will also tell the story of our most successful alumni Dr Ly Qui Trung who was the founder of the Pho24 noodle chain in Vietnam (Vietnam’s first franchise).

As part of the development of the unit I spent 11 hours with a four person film crew at the Ruman Bistro in Ho Chi Minh City to gather footage which will be used in the new introductory hospitality unit.

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