Can the idea of a customer experience go too far?


Can the idea of the customer experience go too far?  That is a question being asked this week in relation to what has been described as the ‘deconstructed cappuccino’.

Part of the creation of an experiences asks the experience provider to think about what they are asking the guest to do as part of their participation in the experience.  One component of this is whether the guest is physically or mentally able to undertake the task – too easy creates boredom, while to hard will elicit frustration.

The reaction to the deconstructed cappuccino would also suggest that you need to consider the guests reaction to what you have asked them to do and the level of enjoyment created by involving the guest.  Through this discussion there has been no commentary on the taste of the deconstructed coffee and it would appear that some have just baulked at the concept which has been presented.

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