Using virtual reality to enhance the sporting experience


So, have you ever wished that you could get up closer to the action while at a sporting match?  As television coverage becomes more innovative and brings you closer to the action many sports need to find new ways in which to entice fans away from their lounges.  One way that this is being done is through the use of virtual reality and offering fans experiences which can only be experienced by attending a game.

How many people would love run through the banner at an AFL game?  The answer is probably thousands, but the logistics and reality of such an undertaking is not viable.  But what about if it was with the help of virtual reality….

Check out the experience created for fans of the Port Adelaide Football Club

In the past many of these experiences have been subject to winning a competition, but with the increasing advancement of technology these experiences are becoming more accessible to more fans.  This is just one of a variety of  virtual reality enhanced sporting experiences.



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