The intersection of work and living


You often hear people talking about the concept of work life balance and the need to achieve this seemingly mystical state of life.

Take a minute to think about what work life balance means for the locals in Hoi An.    Stopping at a restaurant along the river in the centre of town we initially sat in some chairs out the front and watched the world pass by for a while.  Eventually we decided to order dinner and stay a while longer.

I asked to go to the toilet and was directed to the back of the building.  It was on the way to the toilet that I noticed the room behind the seated area for the restaurant was actually the family long room in which the grandmother was watching TV.  Behind this was the family kitchen which was also being used to prepare restaurant meals and next to this was a bedroom.

On another occasion walking in to a Pho restaurant the husband and wife were resting on the floor of the restaurant but happily provided two bowl of Pho.  And this type of scenario can be seen playing out across the city and ads a totally different dimension to the concept of hospitality.


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