DrTimmy’s room is sweet (or should that be suite)


Upon arrival at Danang we arrived at the Northern Hotel, a four hotel star which offers some well designed and well appointed rooms.

Last year when we visited the Northern Hotel I had the pleasure of meeting the General Manager Tam.  During our discussion Tam changed my room card and I was pleasantly surprised to find he had upgraded me to a suite room.

This provides an interesting insight into the mind of a hotel manager.   The initial thinking for many with this would be that a suite costs more than a standard room and that the hotel has forgone additional income.  However, had Tam not upgraded my room then that room would have sat idol and unused for the night as it did not have a booking.

To Tam the additional cost of this gesture was not loss of additional income, but the additional cost of 10 minutes labour which is allowed to clean the larger room.  This is one of the strategies that Tam and other hotel managers use to help build relationships with clients to start conversations and build relationships.

From this one conversation I have maintained contact with Tam and we have had discussions about future internships and incorporating the Northern Hotel more prominently into our future outbound mobility experiences.

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