Where does the experience begin?


When looking at experiences some organisations make the mistake of thinking that the experience starts once you physically begin to interact with a customer.  The reality is that the customer journey starts well before, and some will argue that it starts way back with the customer becoming aware of a brand or organisation.

Sydney AFL team the Sydney Swans recently followed one of their fans who attended an AFL game at the Sydney Cricket Ground on a Friday night.  This video picks up the experience from the point at which the fan leaves work to meet up with friends, have a meal and make her way to the ground.  Organisation needs to know how their fans get to the ground, what they do along the way, the importance of being identified as a fan through wearing merchandise and the fact that this journey may be taken with others you do not know (notice in the video how the number of fans in team colours increases the closer you get to the ground).

Have a look as the Swans follow a fan

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