Using AFL to support Green Bamboo Shelter in Vietnam

20180707_124402This year marked the fifth year in which AFL NSW/ACT have supported myself and Western Sydney University students in taking AFL to Vietnam.  AFL NSW/ACT provided footies which were used by the students to run an AFL session for children from the Green Bamboo Shelter.  The two hour session saw students learning the basic skills of hand passing, kicking and marking and were even able to participate in a short game.

This year the students again ran an AFL session in Vietnam, however this time it was for children at the Green Bamboo Shelter in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.  The activity was different this year as the children did not have a sport university background as has been the case on previous occasions.  The group was very privileged to be joined by the Australian Consulate General Karen Lanyon and her staff who were interested to see the New Colombo Plan funding in action.

With the help of the Vietnam Swans who were able to coordinate with the Shelter and arrange the ground, the students were able to put the children from the shelter through their paces and teach them some of the basic skills of AFL.


A huge thank you to AFL NSW/ACT who provided the footies which allowed this activity to take place.  All of the footies which were used in this activity and some spares were all donated to the shelter to assist with their sports programs and who know might even see a future Vietnamese born AFL star.  AFL NSW/ACT have also donated a signed GWS Giants guernsey which was presented to the Vietnam Swans by the Consulate General on behalf of Western Sydney University.  This guernsey will be auctioned by the Swans at their Anzac Day match to assist in supporting local charities in Vietnam.


At the end of the session the students and children from Green Bamboo and some of the Vietnam Swans joined each other for lunch to learn more about each others culture and working in Vietnam.

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