#AFLVietnam with Danang Sport University


A key component of undertaking outbound student mobility tours is engaging in cultural exchange and there is no better way for this to take place than with students mixing with local students.  As part of our visit to Vietnam we spend time with students from the Danang University of Sport and use sport as the vehicle for cultural exchange.  The students get to know each other over a game of shuttlecock before being shown how the game is played competitively.

With equipment donated by AFL NSW/ACT, our students, lead by the Sport Management students, introduce the Australian Football League (AFL) by conducting a session which teaches the basics of the game.  The students break up into four stations to learn to handball, mark, kick as well as participating in some fun warm up activities.

After forty-five minutes of warm up activities the students from both universities participated in a couple of games of hand pass footy.  Admittedly the students are athletes but it is still amazing how quickly students who have never seen the game before able to pick up the skills and engage in a game.  To see how well they pick up AFL have a look at the following video.

AFL in Vietnam