SubliMotion – a dining experience and gastronomic show



What if restaurant was able to transport you to anywhere in the world or even into the future?  Take a look at SubliMotion restaurant.

Visually this is amazing, but have a think about what goes into making such an experience.  Here is an excerpt from their website to give you an idea;

Two years of intense, hard, work along with the cooperation of professionals from different sectors as chefs, designers, engineers, illusionists, set designers, architects, choreographers and screenwriters, achieved the merger of haute cuisine gastronomy and the most breakthrough technology with an unprecedented staging, becoming thus a new stagecraft. This is the first gastronomic show in the world.

Look at the different skill sets which have come together to create this experience in what they have described as a ‘gastronomic show’.

A reduced number of seats creates exclusivity and allows for a premium price to be paid and there are multiple sittings per night including a midnight offering.  The provision of different themes provides a reason for diners to return for a different experience as well.  Overall a great example of a guest experience and one which challenges to traditional conventions of a restaurant.

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