Is the experience on field, in seat or both?


With increased TV coverage including exclusive access and a multitude of camera angles fans are consistently being asked to decide whether or not to attend a game or whether it is better to stay at home.  On one hand the home option provided cheaper food, no queue for the toilet (or not too long), comfortable seating and you choose who you sit next to.  But despite the overpriced food, moderately comfortable seats and crowds to negotiate people still turn up to games.  Of course many will argue that there is something about the atmosphere of a game which makes it different being there.

Well what if you could get a bit of the best of both worlds?

At Etihad stadium in Melbourne this is exactly what they have looked to achieve through a new stadium activation.  Leather seats and high-definition screens in-built into the seats in an effort to further enhance the customer experience.  But it is not only about the game itself, guests are able to access sites other than game related and can even put on cartoons if the kids are a bit restless.

It is interesting that one of the things many try to achieve as part of an experience is immersion and getting away from the every day, but perhaps the increasing accessibility and availability  of technology is making this even more difficult to achieve.  It would seem here that there is an acknowledgement that the mobile technology will not allow for full immersion so best to look at how to embrace the need to stay connected with the outside world whilst enjoying the game.

Read here to find out more about the  new Smart seat technology at Etihad Stadium


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