Crown Lager Bar – bring the back of house out the front

IMG_2453One of the things which can often provide customers with an experience is to let them see behind the scenes of an operation.  What may be common and everyday to staff might be something that is unusual, unique and even educational for the everyday punter.

The Crown Lager Bar at Melbourne Airport does just this by bringing their cellar out the front of house.  Having worked in the hospitality industry for some time I can attest that cellars are sometimes not the tidiest of places (example below).


Have a look at what they have done with the Crown Lager bar – created a glass cool room so everyone can see what happens back of house.  Not only that, they have also taken the gold colour of the beer label and applied it kegs, snap locks, connectors and fob detectors. Not only does it look good and give people a look at where the beer is coming from, it would also provide an opportunity to see staff change a keg.

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