Ru Nam bistro – an amazing concept


We were privileged to again visit the RuNam Bistro as part of our tour of Vietnam.  An amazing vision for a restaurant which took more then twelve months in the planning of the concept and decor.  Attracting a younger market with a blend of contemporary servicescape design and linkage back to their Vietnam roots through name, art and coffee.  As an example of the level of detail they have gone to with the interior design look at the light shades with the coffee filter base.


Students were luck enough to hear from Western Sydney University alumni Li Qui Chanh who was able to provide back ground into the aim of the chain of restaurants and the passion for coffee which sees an organisation with one distinct mission;

IMG_1339“Have RuNam coffee sold in every Vietnamese restaurant in the world” – pretty simple


The RuNam name is also accompanied by a wide range of branded coffees and associate products which boast the RuNam brand and logo.  A strong step towards providing memorabilia and allowing the brand to be remembered where ever it is used.


It is also interesting to note that even though the restaurant has proud ties to its Vietnamese heritage it could have quiet easily been anywhere in the world  – and I would not be surprised if that is part of the clever design and thinking which has gone into this restaurant.


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