Caravelle – Experiencing the 5 star


Apart of our look at hospitality facility it is important for students to see what different hotels have to offer and as such we transfer to the 5 star Caravelle Hotel.  And I hear what you are saying “tough gig”.  But what needs to be remembered is that this level of accommodation in Australia may well be beyond many student incomes.  One of the things that is pleasing from staying in the Caravelle is hearing students have the conversations about how the shower works , the comfort of the beds, the layout of their room and for many they have now had their first experience at a turn down service and have been amazed at the fact the hotel has a turndown service.


As part of our visit to the Caravelle we were privileged to be joined by John Gardner, the General Manager of the Caravelle who took the time to come and speak with the group about the hotel, his work experience and about being an employee in Asia, which he has been for over 20 years.


It is interesting that all the students have been taken aback by the luxury of the rooms, only to be told by John that they are embarking on a staged renovation program which will see all rooms, including those the students are staying in stripped out and remodelled in the coming years.

After speaking with John, we were taken on a tour of the Caravelle to see some of what makes a five star hotel tick.  As such we visits rooms, bars, restaurants, function areas, staff amenities, house keepings and kitchens.

A great opportunity and one of the best hotel tours I have participated on.



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