#AFLVietnam with the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City

One of the great opportunities we have on the outbound mobility experience in Vietnam is the opportunity to be able to bring the game of Aussie Rules or AFL to Vietnam.  This year we were luck enough to share this with students from the University of Economics Ho Chi Minh City.


Travelling out to District 10 we took command of a small synthetic football  field and Nathan, Pam, Anthena, Matthew and Francis took control of proceedings leading students through a series of activities which delivered  the basics of AFL (hand passing, marking and kicking).


Working in small groups our friends from UEH were so catching, kicking and hand passing.  There was heaps of smiles and much interest in the odd shaped ball that “bounces funny”.

With the basics under their belt a game of the students played a game of hand pass footy to orientate themselves to rules of the game.  This lead to a mini game including kicking and not even a bit of rain could keep everybody from playing.

A great day made possible by all the students and also AFL NSW/ACT for supplying the footies and pumps (thanks David Gitz from last years tour) and GWS GIANTS for the their support.


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