Victor Churchill in America


So, when was the last time you went to the butchers and were inspired to take out you camera and take a photo of the butcher shop because it was simply amazing?  What sort of crazy question is this, as for most people the answer is NEVER.

A while ago I came across Victor Churchill butchery in Sydney and realised that this is not such a crazy question after all.  To find out what I mean have a look at the clip below;

The level of themeing of the oldest continuous butcher shop in Sydney Australia is apparent with a 100 year old meat slice on display, butchers cutting timber blocks and even down to the sausage shaped door handle.  There is a sense of theatre to the point that in one video I recently watched a chef refer to Victor Churchill’s as a ‘department store for meat’.

The success of this butchery experience is now being shared with the USA with Victor Churchill in America

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