The theatre of food

Back in the late 1990’s Pine and Gilmore released their book called “The Experience Economy: Work is Theatre and every business is a stage”.  Well it looks like the idea of theatre has caught on with some restaurants embracing the notion of the ‘theatre of food’.

Check out how fast food chain Domino’s Pizza Australia has launched their very own theatre of food.

So how does the experience economy fit into this notion?

  • Look at how they have themed the store to embrace the local community
  • Engaging the senses by bringing back of house out the front with food on display as well as the pizza cutting.  If you are going to have pride in fresh ingredients there is no point hiding it out the back….
  • They are actively trying to engage your senses, they mention, sight, smell and sound – not all sense you would automatically assume from pizza making
  • Linkage between inside and out as the experience is not just what happens inside the store
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly designs links back to corporate messages and community sentiment

A good example of embracing the theatre of food

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