KOTO – an inspiration

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For a number of years dinner at KOTO restaurant in Saigon has been a feature of study tour experiences.  KOTO provides life changing opportunities for disadvantaged youth and uses hospitality as a way in which to provide their over 1,000 alumni with the chance of a much improved life.

Tonight not only did we dine at KOTO, but we were also hosted by the founder of KOTO Jimmy Pham AO.  Jimmy spoke of his journey from the notion of wanting to help disadvantaged youth through to the today which sees KOTO restaurants in both Saigon and Hanoi.


IMG_1438 IMG_1439 IMG_1446

After hearing Jimmy speak, the students made a donation to KOTO through their purchase a brick program which will see the words “UWS Study tour 2014” written on the brick and that brick added to the wall of the KOTO training  centre.

If you would like to know more about KOTO or about making a donation visit KOTO


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