Let the study tour begin


The 27th November 2014 sees the start of a study tour experience for 15 students in Hospitality and Sport Management to Vietnam for 15 days lead by myself and Happy Buddha Dr Colin Shringham. After 8 hours in the plane they safely arrived at Saigon airport, hair not quiet the same as when they left, much stretching of necks, back and arms and general sense of excitement, nervousness and the realisation that they are now in another country – for many the first time to Asia or outside Australia…..


From here is will be a shower, good night sleep and wake up tomorrow for a day exploring the vibrant city of Saigon and I would suggest much excited shopping – with a reminder of the tour rules for shopping;

  • no stone carvings
  • no boats;
  • and most importantly YOU BUY IT, YOU CARRY IT

images (1)


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