Ever wondered about the life of an expatriate and playing AFL in Asia


So, have you ever wondered what it would be like to work overseas? Would it be an exciting life of world travel, amazing adventures, new experiences? What opportunities would it provide for you personally and professionally?

Hang on, but how would you get a job overseas? And my family and friends are already in Australia – surely I would miss them and how do I find somewhere to live let alone work? Perhaps this is a bit more complicated than I first thought!!

We are luck to have Phil Johns the National Executive Director of the Director Australian Chamber of Commerce Vietnam (http://www.auschamvn.org) joining us for dinner in Ho Chi Minh City. Phil has joined students in previous years and is able to provide a great insight into what it means to live and work overseas and also talk about the support networks that are available overseas.

Phil was also previously the President of Vietnam’s AFL team the Vietnam Swans – yes, that is correct Vietnam has its very own AFL team. This is an organised competition comprising of eight (8) teams from across East Asia. Still don’t believe me – they even have a website and a trophy (http://eastasiaafl.wordpress.com). Phil will be joined by Josh Lee who is now the president of the Vietnam swans (they also have a website and a logo – http://vietnamswans.com )

Vietnam swansIt is really interesting talking to these guys to find out more from a number of perspectives;

  • Go behind the AFL aspect and have a look at the charity work that the Swans do in Vietnam and their fund raising for Australian causes as well
  • What role does this organisation play offering support for expatriates in Vietnam.  As expatriate themselves Phil and others are aware of how long most people stay working in Vietnam and when it gets hard being away from home
  • How do you set up an AFL team in Vietnam?  And how do you coordinate a competition in Asia?  Think about the logistics of getting a team around Asia and where do you find a ground to play on?

Josh and Phil have put aside some time in their calendars to join us in December and I can’t wait to hear more about their life in Vietnam.

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